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Alex | ♂ | 18 
Oct 21 '14

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Oct 20 '14

about the blogger


name: Alex
birthday: May1
zodiac: pffft
height: 5’5
eye color: dark brown
middle name: Jamie Lee (mY DAD’S NAME))
favorite color: PURPLE
lucky number:  3


hogwarts house: don’t really like harry potter that much
favorite fictional character: Jak!!
favorite television show:  gravity fall, south park, supernatural, the simpsons, adventure time, grojband, steven universe, regular show
favorite season: fall
future children’s names: i think my siblings and my sister’s kids are all i need, i mean- have you MET my family?
what do you plan to/do for a living: concept designer for video games maybe
starbucks order: i live in canada, we only have tim hortons


introvert or extrovert 
dawn or dusk
righty or lefty
coffee or tea  
rain or shine
reading or writing

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Oct 20 '14

Silent Hills, welcome!

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Oct 19 '14
My cat and my moms dog

My cat and my moms dog

Oct 19 '14
Sleepy giz giz

Sleepy giz giz

Oct 19 '14



if you are under 18:

  • your nudes are child pornography 
  • people you send them to can be charged with possession of child pornography
  • you can be charged with distribution of child pornography 
  • don’t take nudes

This is not about body shaming, this is not about ‘telling you what to do with your sexuality’ this is literally a federal crime don’t fuck with the law okay.

Oct 19 '14

(✿◠‿◠)ノ Odin collage for anon 
Nevy || Gil || Maggie || Wrathia


(✿◠‿◠)ノ Odin collage for anon 

Nevy || Gil || Maggie || Wrathia

Oct 17 '14


we’re at starbucks

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Oct 4 '14
someone takes filters away from me

someone takes filters away from me

Oct 1 '14


missed bus and now waiting on another bus

half an hour from now